Using a Private GIT Repo with Buildroot

Buildroot is pure awesomeness for maintaining the build of a GNU/Linux based operating system.  However, during my ventures I’ve had to keep private code private so use a git repo behind ssh.  There is a way to achieve this with Buildroot but it is undocumented:

LIBFOO_SITE = ssh://git@server.domain.tld/group/repo.git

On the first line we have to set the method to git as the auto detect won’t work on SSH
The second line contains the git repo as it would be defined if using git via ssh accept prepended with ssh:// and the the colon that is normally between the end of the FQDN and the location is replaced with a slash.
Line 3 can be a tag, branch or commit hash.

I am not sure if line 2 is correct in all cases but it works for me.


Booting UrBackup over the local network (PXE)

With an already functioning TFTP server and PXE boot environment for Debian 7 network install with files also being served over http from the same path as the TFTP server it is straightforward to boot UrBackup over the network.  The same method applies to many Linux live cds.

Adding to pxelinux.cfg/default

Add the following to your default fiile in pxelinux.cfg

LABEL URbackup Menu Label ^UrBackup kernel vmlinuz append initrd=initrd.img boot=live config username=urbackup toram fetch=http://tftp/urbackup/filesystem.squashfs

Ensure you change the hostname to the ip or host of your tftp server and that you are serving the squashfs file over http.  Note that the initrd and vmlinuz are from the debian network boot sources.