Setting up mediasmartserverd for Centos 7 on EX490

This post details setting up mediasmartserverd under Centos 7 on an HP EX490. This allows for the status LED to be used as an indicator for updates and also the drive lights to be illuminated according to disk state/activity. The mediasmartserverd binary is built on the local machine:
yum -y install wget zip libudev-devel
yum -y groupinstall "Development Tools"
tar -zxvf 0.5.6.tar.gz
cd mediasmartserverd-0.5.6
cp mediasmartserverd /usr/local/sbin/
vi /usr/lib/systemd/system/mediasmartserverd.service

The enter the following into the file and exit with [Esc]:wq:


ExecStart=/usr/local/sbin/mediasmartserverd --activity --update-monitor


Then enable and start the service:
systemctl enable mediasmartserverd.service
systemctl start mediasmartserverd.service


Accessing DrayTek 130 Modem Status Page via USG

This is more of a note for me but may be useful for some. How to connect to the DrayTek status page from your internal network.

First bring up the USG UI and enter in a new static route:


Then login to your USG via SSH and run:
set interfaces ethernet eth0 address

This sets an IP address for the port that the modem is connected to.

Then from the USG, login to the draytek – telnet and run:
ip route add 3 static

You then should be able to browse to and login to your DrayTek 130 Modem:

FTTPoD available in Southampton but who from?

I used the BT line checker and got the magically line FTTPoD showing as enabled for my cabinet. However I can’t find anyone who will supply me with this service:


Maybe I will just have to wait for Infinity 3/4 to be available – I wonder how long that takes.